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desperately irritated October 4, 2007

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i have been a follower of Desperate Housewives since it started and i love absolutely everything about it, the cast,the story line and heck even producer marc cherry. but i am highly irritated and saddened that they had to resort to making derogatory racist remarks against Filipino Medical practitioners and Medical schools here in the Philippines…

to ABC network, please make sure that these kind of remarks dont happen again, especially on one of your most followed shows. Teri Hatcher, i know it wasnt entirely your fault, just doing your job, but did you even try to question the script?


im not in the medical proffession but i am a Filipino, and i am mad..

please sign the online petition..

oh and one more remark on the petition, please ask for a public apology, not just for Filipino-Americans but the entire Philippine nation.



bitten by the love bug.. October 2, 2007

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just a few minutes ago, i changed my status from single to in a relationship..

i know its cheesy, and even though its just for formalities’ sake, i was trembling.. i couldnt even muster enough finger muscle to click that icon. Don’t get me wrong, i like this new status im in now, its just that im not used to it anymore. it’s been ages since my last relationship. i have come close to one a number of times but never took the plunge. i was a coward, afraid to be hurt, afraid to love and give love. one of em boys said something that really struck me, “you know what D, you are so bottled up, you do not want to let anyone in, it’s like you always have an excuse for everything, parang you’re keeping and saving yourself for someone”

Yes, i may have been waiting and saving myself for someone.. someone i dont even know would feel the same way for me, so that got me thinking. then a lot of what if’s popped up.. so i told myself, the next time it happens, the next time someone wants me and loves me, i will take the plunge so long as it feels right.

.. and thank heavens, this time it felt right. so right. 🙂

A and i met in a very unconvential way, he was very frank, straightforward and a bit mayabang for my taste, but he does grow on you.. we havent known each other that long, but it feels like we do..

so yes this is me taking that deep dive, that plunge, that free fall into love..

love is in the air..


my nth blog

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hello wordpress world!! im here again with another blog, i just have to keep on moving, since my dad found out about my öther blogs and have been reading them. Anway, thank you to my dear childhood friend the expatbrat for intrducing this blog host to me..

well i have got to study now, math exam coming up… grr.. i hate calculus, i swear! will blog again very soon..


Hello world!

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