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:) November 6, 2007

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it’s registration week in peyups and today as i was waiting inside AS101, one of my “long-time crushes” a.k.a Mr. Afable and I finally had our first conversation…

a little history.. when i was working as a registration assistant in the College of Science, there was a “totoy-ish looking dude” who walked in the office doing the usual registration requirements, i found him really cute coz he looked so clueless and lost plus i think he was sleepy, like a cute puppy.. 🙂 I processed his documents and had a crush on him eversince.

the next time i saw him was in Kalayaan dormitory when Enuh was giving a talk about fraternities to freshie guys.. after this we’d see each other in SC, AS corridors, hallways, steps, you name it. we’d give each other the acknowledgement nod and smile. but we’d never say a word. there was this one time when enuh and i were at AS steps having our usual ciggy break, he passed by and enuh suddenly screamed ” Miiisteer Aaaaffffaaabbbllleeeee!!!!!!!!!!” hahahaha that was one of the most humiliating moments of my life :- )

so fast tracking to earlier this day, we were sitting together on the bench, it was really awkward since we both were stealing glances from each other until

M.A : sige tagalan nyo pa (refering to the RA processing his form 5a)

D : ha?

M.A : ah sorry kase ang bagal nila, di ko na alam kung ano ang ginagawa nila sa paper ko

D: oh ganun ba, medyo busy kse ang office baka nakapila pa, btw you’re from socio ryt?

M.A : yeah pano mo alam?

D : i have a friend na prof sa Socio kase and i saw you nung nagpunta ka sa room nya looking for ur previous adviser

M.A : ah yeah but i dont remember her name na..

D: thats ok.. pero u were originally from CS diba?

M.A (really gulat) : woooooooww! you have such a good memory.. (his very nice way of saying shet are you a stalker??)

anyway that was a portion of our conversation… i found out that he was from physics as well and had shifted out the same year i did. hahahaha.. anyway atleast now he knows my name and i know his…

Dear God, are we soulmates??