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officially on xmas break December 18, 2007

Filed under: reflections — iceedebbz @ 1:40 pm

yes, im officially on xmas break.. this school year has got to be the year with the latest xmas holiday, breaking all forms of tradition since the oblation run and latern parade usually happens on the same day, but this year the lantern parade happens tomorrow.

honestly i havent seen a lantern parade in all my years here in the university coz i’d usually be halfway to bahrain by then, enjoying a transit in HK, happily settling in our flat, or going round geant at the time. will this year be different? oh definetely! for one im not going back home to Bahrain, but if im catching the lantern parade, that we’ll have to see.

i have been confining myself here in my pad since the weekend, going out only to buy food and go to class.. i have been very anti social lately, it sucks na. Even going out with my friends make me feel lonely, rubbing the fact  that im alone since all of them are part of a couple. Don’t get me wrong, i love the fact that all of them are together, im very very happy for them, since there is no one else that id like to see with them but their respective partners. but being with them just makes me think about what i dont have. (gawd, will i be an old maid? hope not)

so how will i spend my xmas break this year? well aside from hibernating at home, i’d be spending xmas with family friends in cainta, then hopefully my birthday baguio trip will push through. if no one’s available, then i will go up alone! hehehe.

life is good!