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love lost, THE ONE found? November 6, 2007

Filed under: love&relationships — iceedebbz @ 11:51 am

ah yes a short lived romance, but i couldnt be bothered anymore. not with someone who doesnt know my real worth, one who is not capable of loving someone the way she should be loved. i will not settle for anything less.

the trip to baguio did serve its purpose, getting me drowned with alcohol, and meeting with an acquaintance to further our friendship that coud turn into a possible romance. not the best time i must admit but i was happy nevertheless.

he makes me smile, he makes me feel so important, like im the most beautiful girl in the room. he makes time for me. i dont realy want to get ahead of anything but i feel an instant connection and im pretty sure that he does too. his gestures, his body languange, plainly his thoughtfulness..  and he makes me very happy.

anyway before i get carried away too much, i was pretty amazed at myself how quickly i made a decision, how fast i got over A. i think the decision dawned upon me even before hopping on the bus to Baguio..

maybe that is the mystique of that pine city, it just makes you forget all the pain.. 🙂 with that wonderful red lion pub with 24 hours service and uber friendly staff, crew and owners to boot! helping you nurse that trouble away.

so to you my loyal reader the expat brat, the next time you’re in town we will hit baguio that’s a promise!


One Response to “love lost, THE ONE found?”

  1. theexpatbrat Says:

    the expatbrat shall hold this sashimi lover to that promise…

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