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may i just rant.. October 7, 2007

Filed under: reflections — iceedebbz @ 7:11 pm

it’s the final stretch of the sem,  finals week has arrived. yes i do not have much on my plate anymore, but what’s bugging me is a groupmate in one of my subject, yes that groupmate is also a friend.

we have to submit a paper for that particular subject, its one of the last requirement, we are doing a rush paper, a paper that i have no idea what the turnout will be.

i have been a great groupmate, one would even say “those that have been my partner are lucky”. but why oh why am i having a groupmate from hell!!! one who would rather team up with someone else who have finished the paper (atleast the first draft) and do nothing. One, who a few moments ago texted and said that i should help her, i should make salo her coz she has a lot of things to do as well a paper for another subject which is due tomorrow and that she is crying while doing her paper.

she basically wants me to do the paper by myself, gawan ko daw nang paraan! potah! i practically did everything already…

i hate these kind of people.. one who would rather get a grade knowing that they did not deserve it. how can they sleep at night?

yes she is still my friend, but i am so pissed off at her right now.

when do u know when to cross the line between friendship and being a groupmate in an academic pursuit.

this is not grade school or high school anymore!!!

and if and when you do decide to study abroad, i hope that you never be like this again..